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Join Us in the New Year's Resolution that Gives Back More Than It Takes

How About Making “ThinkGood. DoGood. FeelGood.” (repeat) your New Year’s Resolution? It’s a proven way to live a happy life while making the lives of others better.

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Do you need a better system for pulling

Do you need a better system for pulling together “DoGood” efforts? There’s never been a place to gather for a purpose with other like minded folks Until Now! Let us give you a sneak peak.Send us a message if you are interested!

What Motivates Us?

This is amazing information about motivation, and understanding how people tick!

Matthew Perry, a known alcoholic actor, goes up against this gentleman who says people have a choice. He looks at Matthew and says, “You want to be a drug addict. Its your choice. You have no will power.”

What are your thoughts?

RT @Loyalty360: Bridging the Gap Between

RT @Loyalty360: Bridging the Gap Between Brand Awareness and Generating Sales –

This is one of the most touching, beautiful, sad that kids at such a young age, don’t want to live. So this teacher decided to do something about it. She created a special program to help these kids learn the things not typically taught in school.

Thank the world for people like these. A teacher that makes a world of difference.

Should You Have A Child Today?

Unilever Leveraging Values and Showing you Care. Does it work?

The Urban Daily

Nelson Mandela

On December 5, 2013, the world lost a hero. Nelson Mandela was a social activist and political leader who worked to end apartheid and spark a global HIV awareness movement. With exclusive interviews and an overview of all of Mandela’s work, tune into TV One‘s special, “Mandela One Man,” which airs tonight at 9pm.


Watch the trailer for “Mandela One Man” below.

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Celebrities React To Nelson Mandela’s DeathSouth African Icon Nelson Mandela Dies At 9510 Nelson Mandela References in Hip Hop Lyrics 

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This is such a great idea. I have so many books around here. I will have to pack them up and go down to the commons.


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