the ajayi effect.

Who isn’t familiar with the good works of Ronald McDonald House? As kids, we sold World’s Finest Chocolate bars to support the charity and even dropped a coin or two into the plexi-glass donation boxes at the restaurant register before we scooped up our fries. We were doing good so that Mickey D’s could do good.

Apparently, it’s not all good.

You see it turns out that McDonald’s is allegedly a minor financial supporter of its own Ronald McDonald House Charities and should immediately stop linking longtime spokes-character Ronald McDonald with it, says a consumer advocacy group in a recent report dubbed “Clowning Around with Charity: How McDonald’s Exploits Philanthropy and Targets Children.”

The 30-page report, funded by Corporate Accountability International and The Small Planet Fund, charges that McDonald’s is mostly using the charity as a branding device for its food sales because the corporation, itself, contributes so little to the…

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