My name is Katrina and I’m the youngest of the ThinkGood team.  And today I had a bad day.

It wasn’t a regular bad day.  It was the most dramatic, earth-shattering bad day I’ve had in my 22 years of living.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t. But I sure felt like it was.  When I got home, I started making a list of the “bad things” that happened today. Why would I do such a thing?!  I’m not entirely sure. But the good thing is I caught myself.  The better thing is I did something to change it.

My list of the bad, and then the good:

The bad: I have to start paying back my student loans from college in less than a week.  The good: I was lucky enough to qualify for student loans and be able to attend college for 4 years.  And I finished with a double major!  That’s a feat in and of itself.

The bad:  It was a slow night at the restaurant I work at and I hardly made money to pay my apartment’s water/sewage bill that’s due tomorrow.  The good:  It’s a rainy night here in North Carolina and I have a roof over my head.

The bad: I left my car windows open during my rainy shift.  The good:  My Jeep still runs fine, and tomorrow is a new day with sun in the forecast.

The bad:  I miss my family and friends who are 1,500 miles away.  The good: I have the capability to spend every Thursday video chatting with them via Skype…and tomorrow is Thursday!

The bad:  I came home from work and there was “noooothhhinnnnggggg” to eat.  The good: I opened my fridge and actually looked around to find leftover grilled buffalo chicken (my favorite, yumm!), an unexpired carton of milk (surprise, surprise) and a bag of baby carrots.  That’s a meal fit for a Queen!

Of course, my bad list went on further than this.  I complained about finances, my lack of new friends in this city I’ve been living in for 6 weeks, and everything else under the sun.  But…why?  Complaining won’t make it better.  Doing something will.

So I called my brother because I miss him, I got together a bag of clothes to donate, and I gave someone from work a ride home to avoid the storm.  Lastly, I wrote down all my blessings.  Needless to say, I feel better.

There is always some good to find in life.  I found my good today.  What’s the good in yours?

Think good. Do good. Feel good.