The Wren Project



Last Thursday I held my public event, Supreme High Five Chain Reaction. It was a simple idea. Carry a sign that said “I Request the Highest of Fives”, strap a GoPro camera to my wrist, and walk around the grumpiest parts of San Francisco for 8 hours.

It was my simple way of saying to the world, “You Rock!” and to bring a little joy into everyone’s lives.

It was an interesting experience for me. We all know that urban cities are incubators of high stress lifestyles. San Francisco is no different. The amount of people I saw walking around in stress positions and frowns upon their faces was staggering. The simple act of a high five made many people smile and laugh. Whether or not that feeling sustained itself throughout the day is unknown to me, but I have a feeling it made someone’s day a little better.


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