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Got Good?

We all know that phones can be used for all kinds of things nowadays, but what can often be surprising is how engineers and app developers use technology for good.  Check out this list of 6 applications that are in the market today, and learn how you can do some good with the tap of a finger.

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1. Seafood Watch
Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Palm webOS

The mobile version of the Monterey Bay Aquariam’s popular seafood guide advises users about sustainable seafood while they’re shopping or ordering in restaraunts. By substituting a U.S. farmed fish like catfish for a species that matures slowly, like Chilean Sea Bass, could help reduce overfishing and help re-stabilize our oceans.


2. Free2Work
Mobile Platforms: iPhone, iPad, and Android

The Free2Work app promotes transparency by rating a major company or brand based on its effort to address the issues of forced and child labor throughout…

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