One Love Youth Development Association

Time flies when you’re having fun! It is already September and it seems that the One Love Youth Development Association has never been this busy. Not only with orders but also with workshops for the ghetto youth. How amazing is it that when someone orders a necklace, bracelet or flip-flop someone else’s future looks brighter? Wow!

September, the month that in many parts of the World the leafs start falling from the trees, they colour red, yellow, orange… the beauty of September. However soon this month will be over and the dark clouds and coldness of winter are embracing life in northern parts of the World.

Sitting with a cup of warm chocolate, in a cosy sweater, staring out of the window where the rain is making you feel depressive. But lucky you, you just ordered and received a beautiful colourful bracelet from the One Love Group. An association in…

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