I’m  a sucker for a cause, just about any cause. In my life I’ve been a member of Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International, The Humane Society, Save the Children, The World Wildlife Fund, etc. I’ve volunteered at museums, camps, schools, and shelters. Give me five minutes and I’ll give you every reason in the book why you shouldn’t shop at Amazon or WalMart.

But, shockingly, not everyone wants to hear my soapbox lectures about doing good in the world. So, instead, I offer and adamantly suggest making an effort each day to do this one simple thing:

Go to GreaterGood.com

This is an absolutely wonderful website that I can’t talk enough about. Divided into Nine different causes, you can click a banner on each page and website sponsors give. For example: click on Literacy and give a book, click on Hunger and give food, click on Veterans and help those…

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