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Capitalism and charity. A seemingly paradoxical combination. But could running charities like businesses foster the innovation and problem-solving needed to address the most pressing issues of our time?

In his talk at TED2013, The way we think about charity is dead wrong, Dan Pallotta argued that the way we think about charity is dead wrong. We should be encouraging charities to take financial risks, because the potential gains are enormous. In fact, he argued, this approach might be the way to finally end world hunger and discover a cure for our deadliest diseases.

This week’s TED Weekends on Huffington Post explores whether a for-profit model might be the best way to run charitable organizations. Below, excerpts from this weekend’s four essays to pique your interest.

Dan Pallotta: Why I Think Nonprofits Should Act More Like Businesses

Could it be that everything we’ve been taught about charity and about giving…

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