Nita Kapoor

Do you remember this PETA ad?


Here a celebrity is shown posing naked with a tagline I am a vegetarian.

It would be appreciated by some for the cause PETA is trying to promote.

Some would see it as objectification of women in the same manner as other Brands like Ford, American Apparel and Axe are doing, despite PETA’s cause.

Others may even criticize since there doesn’t seem to be a connection between nakedness and being a vegetarian.  So a consumer may leave the main message behind and take the nudity with them????.


Finding famous attractive people, making them take their clothes off and styling them with icons for their mission is not Cause Marketing. Just because you have a cause sex cannot be used as a tool…Cause marketing is not a staged PR stunt. A Brand’s intention might be good but they need to understand that Cause marketing is…

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