Words I Wheel By

Sometimes, I’m reminded of the value of giving and perseverance in the most unexpected ways. This time, the refresher course came in the form of a gift given to me last Saturday by my adorable six-year-old cousin. He recently discovered the extremely popular hobby of making rubber band bracelets on looms (or, in his case, a clever makeshift loom in the form of a broken plastic fork). I’ve seen the bracelets everywhere and it’s apparently the new fun, cool thing to do. After giving my cousin a big hug, I complimented his bracelet (which, I must say, was actually really awesome), to which he responded by promptly taking it off and saying “Here, you can have it!” When I asked if he was sure, and if he had another one, he smiled and said: “I promise! Would I lie to you?” This kind of sweet, innocent, little-kid generosity is something…

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