Last week I made a delivery to a town nearby. A mom and her little baby boy were recovering from an accident that left them without the boys father. Not only did they lose a precious loved one, they lost their livelihood, are accruing staggering medical bills, and have to depend on others to drive them to all of the doctors appointments including rehabilitation for the significant injuries they are still suffering from.A few friends and I felt compelled to gather together and help this family out in any way we could. We took a collection for gift cards to help with groceries and bills, wrote a letter, gave the baby boy some really super duper books and a special little bunny toy, and when I met them to hand over the items, I gave them my heart. I looked them in the eye, expressed my condolences for their loss and suffering, and I allowed my heart to open and take in some of their pain, holding some of their burden for just a few minutes.I was truly moved and fulfilled by this visit. The Mother looked me in the eye as well with a message of Gratitude. I felt a bond…a bond with another human being that was positive and warm. Yes, she was a stranger to me but we are all connected in this life. Her pain is part of the universe, my universe, your universe. If she is hurting we are all hurting. The energy in the world is missing her passion for life and the love from the baby’s father. To be able to bring her some sort of small token of love and compassion, changes the world’s energy, as it changes hers. Her heart fills up, even if just for a moment or two, but that ripple of love is felt throughout the neighborhood and throughout the city, and so on and so forth.

So my point is this: Do Good. It turns things around…for the Good! 🙂