Feel Good: I got a pat on the back this morning! It made me feel Good!  🙂

While at McDonalds for breakfast, David wanted me to butter his hotcakes and after I declined, he proceeded to fall apart! “Fine! I will eat them plain!”, he scowled. “I don’t know how!” he stated. So, I encouraged him to start practicing, you are 9 1/2, you can do it, *three cheers* for buttering…!  “Great! Now I can’t eat!!”, he cried. “oh! I am going to starve to death!”, he wailed.

Ever see this from your kids?

Ever see this from your kids?

Um…well, I already said No and why are you crying? This is about buttering your hotcakes!!! Pick up your plastic knife, scoop out the yellowy goodness, and move your utensil back and forth over the circular pile. …aaaaand go!

Nope more crying.

Over hotcakes and butter.

No joke.

At this point, I can see a few people checking David out. What are thinking, I wonder. They have heard me give my direction, most likely. Are they thinking 1) Good mom skills! or 2) your kid is a crybaby  or 3) Really Lady!?!? Just butter his damn hotcakes already!!! Stop the madness!

I decided sticking to my guns and letting the poor boy cry was a fine choice. Do I want to give in with all of these witnesses? Will he ever stop crying, though? And, again, why are we having this argument over HOTCAKES?!?!? All the while, I stayed poised and calm and looking like I knew exactly what I was doing!  Doubt was tumbling on the inside however!

His sister and friend offered to help, because Grace is a “really good buttered” and “should enter a buttering contest!”.*giggle* I asked them to stick to their own Styrofoam trays and talk among themselves and let David be.  They gladly returned to their own pile of greasy goodies!

A pattern had formed:  David continued to cry.  I continued to ignore.  The other children carried on with their breakfast.  However, after some time, not too long, but long enough to wonder if the tears would ever end, I spotted David from the corner of my eye BUTTERING HIS HOTCAKES!!!  What the Whaaaaaaa…..????  *fist pump*  I did it!  er, I mean, HE did it!  I felt so relieved!  I was relieved for him…he made it through the Field of Stubborn!  He changed his “I can’t” attitude into “I sure as heck can”!  He would eat his hotcakes after all and would not waste away to practically nothing!  And I was relieved for me!  I had seen this through with my dignity intact. I had stuck to my word, AND I had witnesses!  Ha!

And this is where the pat on the back comes in…the witnesses!  One couple that had been keep quiet tabs on the play before them, got up to leave.  They were dressed in biking garb so I decided to be friendly and ask about their excursion. They filled me in briefly on their route and we peeked at the clouds together to see if they might miss the rain that’s coming.  It was unlikely that they would make it home dry, but decided that was no big deal!     As the woman exited, she cupped her hand around her mouth to tell me quietly “You have the patience of a saint!”  I tried to take it as a compliment and graciously added, “Well, I stuck to my word and looky!  He did it!”  To which she replied with a smile and thumbs up “Well done!”

The interaction left me feeling  happy and calm.  I had received validation and supported not only by a member of society but also, equally important, by myself!  I felt good about what had transpired in the “Battle of the Butter”!   I stayed in a place of love with my son.  I respected my own parenting choices and the bikers showed me an appreciation for my situation.  Maybe they had been there in the same battle with their own children, maybe not, and I am so glad that they shared their positive thoughts with me.  It is a Feel Good kind of day thanks to the kind words of others!

I invite you to Pay someone a compliment when possible!  It could really make a positive difference in their day!
Theresa, Head of Community Good, Think Good, LLC