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If you are new to following Project Light to Life’s “Reader(s) of the Month” section check out Susan Seymour’s Article; Susan is the first inspirational reader featured for September. This month, I have decided to feature a group of inspirational people, as I really enjoyed reading all of their stories and couldn’t choose just one. September is associated with education and back to school, so I figured why not learn about multiple inspirational people this month?

The next reader of the month for September is Eszter (Kukolina). This story of how she mentored a child and added happiness to this young girl’s life, while going through her own hardships, is truly inspirational. Go Eszter! You can check out her blog here and read her article below:

Reader of the Month #2 Ezster (Kukolina):

Imagine a room-and-a-half-apartment where the kitchen and bathroom have no heating in Hungary. The year is…

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