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“All I wanted was to be was someone who could find that happiness and be constantly interested in what I did.” – Jonna Davis

Stuck in a job that you find interesting, but your heart isn’t in it? Then you can relate to Jonna Davis’ (@jonnadavis) story.

Jonna left the corporate world to pursue a career with more meaning.

She’s now a project director for charity: water, traveling frequently to Africa and Asia.

Dan: Episode 7 of Prologue Profiles. My name is Dan Feld. My guest today is Jonna Davis. She left her finance job to find more meaning in her career. She pursued a degree in Global Ethics but the global recession left her living back with her parents. Jonna persisted on and now enjoys her work as a program director at charity: water where she frequently travels to Asia and Africa. She’s 29 years old.

Jonna: Hi, this is Jonna Davis…

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