Go India, go future!

(Image taken from video: Come along with Hariya: Dive deep into a river. Hop from tree to tree. Or, soar high into the skies.Source: http://www.teriin.org/come_along_with_hariya.php)

Are you an entrepreneur? A traditional business/industry man or woman working many hours a day? Maybe an representative from a large organization or institution? And your working day is full of:
Writing conceptual papers, pushing strategy development, taking care on documents , driving business conversations, preparing business travels , visiting conferences, networking with other external and internal  institutions and administration,  adapting and placing technology, solving legal issues ….?

What moves your heart?
All these activities are necessary, without doubt.
But there is still another one, especially if it is more that we want to achieve, more than selling and producing, more than making money, if it is about understanding people and creating real impact, if it is about changing the world, understanding the people, their…

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