I visited the Venture for America training camp at Brown this week, and was duly impressed – great program (read more here), awesome staff and above all, more than 100 outstanding fellows! However, 3/4 were biologically ‘fellows’ too. Only 17 of this year’s 68 VFA fellows are women.

We heard a few hypotheses from the staff about why they’re so far from a 50/50 class, including: women are worried about safety in VFA cities (Cincinnati, Detroit, etc); women think they have to be engineers to apply; and women are looking for social enterprise jobs and aren’t willing to work for a business-minded for-profit.

This final theory is the one that stuck with me. It reminded me of research presented in Women Don’t Ask, which shows that the majority of the pay gap between male and female MBAs’ salaries 10 years after graduation can be attributed to men asking…

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