Speak Happiness

Just when my life was fully organized and under control…sigh.

So, here’s a totally smart thing I did.  I knew that both Saturday and Sunday morning, I would be totally busy, so I drafted both Happy Quote posts, scheduled them (something I’ve done often), and went about my weekend, not thinking about the blog.

It was just today, while looking at email, that it occurred to me, “Gosh, usually I have several Likes on the blog by now.”  Cruised over here only to discover that neither post went live because I somehow had both of them set as Drafts still.

Rather than just post both, as if nothing went wrong (“no…it’s not Sunday at noon as you read Happy Quote Saturday for the first time…oh look, shiny object!“), I’m posting something wholly new, and saving those for some future weekend of happiness.

Instead, I give you this, the…

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