the ajayi effect.

According to a study recently released by Blackbaud, charities that are looking to get the most out of donation efforts should focus on Baby Boomers. The findings compare the giving habits of Boomers (aged 49 to 67) with “Matures” (who are 68 or older), Gen X (33 to 48) and Gen Y (18 to 32). It found that not only are Boomers the largest group numerically, with 51 million individuals comprising 34% of the donor base, they are also the largest contributors, giving an estimated total of $61.9 billion per year (43% of all the dollars donated). Matures accounted for 26% of the donations; Gen X, 20%; and Gen Y 11%. GenerationalGiving

The study involved an online survey in May of 1,014 U.S. donors 18 or older who had made a monetary donation to at least one non-profit organization or charitable cause within the last 12 months (excluding a trade union…

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