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1. “It is a beautiful 75 degrees outside and I would like to imagine that I am sailing around Europe even though I’m just casually sunbathing in my backyard.”

I suggest the Kings of Convenience 2004 album, Riot on an Empty Street. This album has an undeniable tranquilizing effect, while also maintaining a European flair that makes you feel like you are strolling around a small foreign city or hammocking in Croatia. It’s calming enough to read to because it makes perfect background noise (tracks like “Gold in the Air of Summer” and “Cayman Islands”). I would definitely classify this album as “soothing yet bouncy” folk-pop. If you haven’t already, just listen and you’ll understand what I mean.

Despite its soothing nature, it’s just a very fun collection of tracks that are also often delightfully upbeat (such as “Misread” and “I’d Rather Dance With You”).

Other possible albums that…

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