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The best definition of Poverty I Have found:                                                                           — A violation of human dignity and denial of opportunity to progress -Wilfired Eyi

Denial of the Opportunity to Progress — NOT they are just lazy and don’t work hard enough, NOT they just don’t have the know how, NOT they don’t realize what they are missing so they are fine

Muhammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Price for his work with microcredit, has show time and time again through his microloans to the poor of Bangladesh that when given an Opportunity (often a loan under 200$) those in poverty posses an incredible drive, innovative spirit, and desire to bring themselves and their family out of poverty.

It does NOT matter if they are the 10th generation in poverty. To be human is to have the desire to grow and improve your circumstances. The trick is providing the right opportunities.

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