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The Only Constant in Life is Change.” – Heraclitus of Ephesus (535–475 BC), Greek Philosopher

A recent article in the Financial Times on the History of Office Life[1] has sparked my interest in the etymology and genealogy of innovation, in particular, social innovation – what about it is in situ and what about it is new?

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The History of Social Innovation

Social innovation is a widely discussed topic amongst governments, academia, civil society and the responsible investment community, especially in the post-2008 financial crisis era, where government public spending budgets have become highly constrained in developed economies, and youth unemployment and income inequality have worsened significantly on a global scale.  The discussion of social innovation, however, is not a recent phenomenon – it dates back to Ancient Greece, whilst its modern interpretation has a link to religion through Reformation.

Xenophon (430-355 BC), a philosopher, historian [and accomplished horseman…

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