The Elephant Walk in Waltham

I get inspired just crossing paths with some of our Beneficiaries, whether it’s on a site visit or we happen to attend the same public event or conference.

But those encounters are brief and almost exclusively with staff and administrators. I just don’t get that many opportunities to interact with the people actually served by each of the great organizations we support – let alone WORK with them. Well, that all changed when Alex joined OUR staff earlier this year!

These days, if you’re a dinner guest at our restaurant in the early part of the week, you’re very likely to be greeted and seated by Alex DiLaura, a recent graduate from the extraordinary youth training, coaching, and empowerment program, More Than Words, that got its start in Waltham in 2004. [More Than Words is our July Beneficiary. We’ve given them 3% of our July sales each of the…

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