Dr. Vinita Agarwal

Gotta love writing about social media in PR. There’s new stuff to mull on everyday. Or, go beyond mulling to imagine new ways of doing things that create space for new ideas in your audience.

In other words, aim for inspiration to motivate behaviors.

Recall, Planning Does Not Equal Doing

However, before we actually “do” something, like buy, watch, act, we “plan” to or create an “intention” to do it. Sounds obvious, but that’s not a simple mantra to emulate in practice.

PR literature is rife with well-meaning social marketing efforts that have a noble goal, painstakingly conducted audience research, thorough analysis, well-executed campaign plans, yet behavior change, if any, is way below expectations.

Inspiration is a strong motivator to act. Researching what is good for your audience is important, but researching what really gets them going is inspiration.

Researching Inspiration

Yet, effectively researching…

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