Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

If you’re into music, you may know that Dexter Holland is the lead singer for The Offspring, a punk-rock band. What’s less known is the fact that he’s also a successful entrepreneur and a scientist.

Holland started a hot sauce company, Gringo Bandito, when he was in his early 40s.  Apparently, the inspiration for his business occurred during an everyday moment.  In this radio interview, he explained, “I’m sitting eating a taco one day, putting some hot sauce on it and I’m thinking, why don’t I have a hot sauce?”  Holland created his own recipe and, after a positive response from friends and co-workers, began selling it.

In addition to the hot sauce gig, the multidimensional Holland has another impressive endeavor: He’s a molecular biologist who’s working on his Ph.D. and conducting research to find ways to stop AIDs/HIV.

As he told Marketplace, Holland’s success in non-music ventures doesn’t mean he plans to stop making music anytime soon. But he won’t be singing about the same things he…

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