If you watch TV these days, you have probably seen the ad for 5 Hour Energy Drink’s newest flavor, Pink Lemonade.  Living Essentials, LLC, the company that makes the energy drink has teamed with the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation to market its product with a percentage of each purchase going to the foundation for a minimum corporate donation of $75,000 from the company.  This is good for the foundation as it will allow it to spend money on breast cancer research and help low income women get screening for cancer.  It also means more sales for 5 Hour Energy Drink and helps it bottom line improve.

Cause Marketing has been around for a while.  Organizations and businesses collaborate for a cause and, to quote David Hessekiel, President of the Cause Marketing Forum, “they can make a difference in tackling a societal problem and generate loyalty, attention and patronage from consumers…

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