A simple story about materialism as it relates to happiness. There seems to be some confusion. Money buys things, not happiness. And rarely do things provide happiness but maybe joy for fleeting seconds.

here and loathing

tumblr_lz8ihx8xY91qd9227o1_500Image: Alejandro Diaz, 2012

Happiness is not a feeling– it is a state of being, a certain fleeting content.

When holding a physical thing, such as a book or an old wooden bowl, I can remember exactly where I was when I picked it up for the first time. A summer-hot-and-musty-smelling used book store on 4th Ave. An antique shop on the east side of town, between the second and third shoulder-height metal shelved aisles. Holding something new for the first time induces a chemical bonding; a magnetic pulse spreads from my fingertips into my heart and I feel compelled to take whatever that thing is that I’m touching home. A telephone table, a new LP. In that moment, is it happiness? No. It is excitement. An item’s potential is what drives me to continue buying things– I can play this musical instrument for hours and create music! I can…

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